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Are you looking for professional captain ?
Read it, please :

Captain Maciej MATEO Adamczak                 

Yacht Master Ocean Sail & Power ( PYA)  134 000 Nautical miles

contact details :

mobile : + 48 505 123 654

e-mail :

41-800 Zabrze, Poland  

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Natonality polish


 Licenses :
* Ocean Yacht Master (tall ships) 741 P.Y.A.
* Ocean Going Motor Boats Master 0000307 PMB-WSA
* Yacht Master 1043 P.Y.A.
* Long Range Operator's Certificate ( GMDSS) GL-14469
* Cert. of Training in Utilizing Radar and ARPA Operational Level
* Basic Safety Training Cert. (STCW 95)

(basic firefighting, elementary first aid, personal survival and personal safety & social responsibility) 
* The Moorings Skipper Level “A” 788114


        I am licensed and experienced Yacht Master Ocean Sail & Power( PYA).
Extensive experience in charter work, private boats and ships, deliveries, blue water sailing. I am lover of tall ships, motor yachts, sailing yachts ( mega yachts, cruisers ).

Every year for 10 - 11 months on the sea. I have sailed on several sail /motor yachts. Crewed on several cruising and chartered boats (including tall ships) as a captain, navigation officer, boatswain, chief, watch officer. I have been sailing a lot with passengers from Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy, China, France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, USA, Egypt, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Middle East and Russia (Pacific, Caribbean Sea, Bermuda Triangle, Mediterranean, Atlantic, U.S.A. East Coast ,North Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Black Sea and Baltic). I am very eager, motivated plenty of enthusiasm, serious sailor with great sense of humour and deep love to yachting. My long-term goal is to travel all over the world and I am dependable, flexible skipper and crewmember.
          If you are looking for a professional captain for your yacht (either sailing yacht or motoryacht) I would kindly like you to take a look at my offer which will satisfy you completely. I am a sailor, who, basing on a great experience in dealing and handling with private and delivery sailing / motoryachts all over the world, will take care of your yacht and passengers in accordance to the highest class standards that are required in that branch. Both in marina, during repair, day and long - distance (transatlantic) cruises I will guarantee to your beloved yacht a maximum safety and competent crew, and to passengers -
a comfort of nice and safe voyage.
          Professionalism, high level of self-culture, great experience, the capacity of harmonious coexistence with the owner and the guests, great love to yachts, the knowledge on water regions and yachts of all kinds, contacts all over the world are our main trumpts. If you need to know more, please look into my CV, where you can find answers on all questions and also photos.
In case you have any further queries or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me, best in English.


37 years experience in running on sailing / motor yachts, tallships ( Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Red Sea, Black Sea , Indian Ocean, Seychelles, Cabo Verde, Senegal, Gambia.), about 134 000 Nm on chartered, private, school/club yachts and tall ships.

Captain of :                      


56 m LOA s/v Pogoria (STAP)                                  46 m LOA s/v Zawisza Czarny (ZHP)



44 m LOA m/y Wellesand ( priv. )                            34 m LOA s/y Cap San Aragon ( priv. )



32 m LOA s/y Elektra ( priv. )                                      26 m LOA m/y Lia - A ( 2 x 1350 hp ) ( priv. )



10 m LOA m/y Cobalt 323 ( priv.)                              18,6 LOA m s/y Blue Note ( priv.)                 



32 m LOA Kapitan Głowacki (COŻ)                          24 m LOA s/y Intuition ( priv.)


31,5 m LOA m/y My Way ( priv.)                                 22,5m LOA m/y Syrena ( Azimut 68) ( priv.)


 20,5 m LOA s/y My Fair Lady ( High School)      17,5 m LOA m/y Soley VI Aicon 56 (priv.)


15,5 m LOA m/y Mediterranean Muse                  21 m LOA s/y Spirit One (priv.)Rodman 50 ( comp.)                             


 40 m. LOA  s/v Kpt. Borchardt ( comp.)               20,5 m LOA s/y Hi Ocean One ( comp.)


23,5 m LOA m/y Oriens                                          31 m LOA m/y WOW
( Sunseeker 70 Manhattan) ( comp.)                      (Princess 95) ( priv.)


19 m LOA s/y Zjawa IV ( ZHP)                             20,5 m LOA s/y Lagoon Vodianoi ( priv. ) ( FR flag )



16,5 m LOA Azimut 54 A.J. (priv.)                        17 m LOA s/y Camelot ( priv.)
(Pl flag)                                                                 
(Pl flag)


44,2 m LOA s/v Earl of Pembroke                      m/y Kuriakos 33 m LOA ( priv.) (GB flag )   
( priv.) (GB flag )


Chief mate of :


47 m LOA  m/y My Secret ( Hessen) ( priv.)


56 m. LOA s/v Pogoria (STAP)


32 m LOA s/y Kapitan Głowacki (ex H. Rutkowski)(COZ)


25,4 LOA s/y General Zaruski (LOK)

II officer of:

102 m. LOA s/v Dar Młodzieży (HMS)

62 m LOA s/v Fryderyk Chopin (STAP)

Skipper of
many chartered yachts, monohulls and catamarans, sailing and motorboats on Mediterranean, North Sea, Baltic, Atlantic, Caribbean , Canary Islands, Red Sea, Seychelles, Cabo Verde, Senegal, Gambia, Bahamas, East Coast of USA, Cuba.

                    Grand Soleil 54                                  Lagoon 44                             Sun Odyssey 54 DS


                                                                                      Lagoon 620

Visited Seas and Oceans

Pacific, Caribbean Sea, Bermuda Triangle, Mediterranean, Atlantic, U.S.A. East Coast, North Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Black Sea, Baltic,

Education University of Silesia ( culture, movies )

Non – smoker +

Mast climbing +

Snorkeling +

Other skills : computer, video making, guitar, diving, digital video editing, journalist

Vehicle licence +

Position applied for captain, chief mate, navigator, watch officer,

Available  a.s.a.p.